Post-Op Success!

Going on 4 months post op, I have learned quite a bit! There are just days where I gotta take it easy first off! I don’t have a baseline normal that I can remember from before PMDD (thanks ECT!) so I am pretty much just going with the flow of things and I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. Most of how I feel seems pretty new to me.

Things I have learned since surgery.
1. My migraines and daily headaches from since I was 14 must have been my progesterone intolerance. They are gone.
2. My anxiety since I was 14 and panic attacks are gone.
3. What I thought was just simple PMS must have actually been PMDD all along!
4.No depression, no manic episodes, no hypomanic episodes, no hallucinations, no psychosis
6. Insomnia since I was 14 is also gone.
7. The number of PTSD flashbacks has greatly decreased.
8. No rage
9. I am still an emotional person. I get upset, frustrated, happy, sad, excited, scared, and so many more emotions. But they don’t push me over the edge, they are not too much to handle, and I feel in control.
10. I love myself. This one is hard to explain and its not something I expected after surgery. Since a young age I have battled very poor self esteem. I was always bigger as a child and then as an adult I gained a lot of weight for a variety of reasons. On top of that I was cursed with pale skin and tons of splotchy freckles. These last 6 years I didn’t want to leave the house because I was sorry that people had to look at me, the hideous monster. Today, I am still significantly overweight, but I look in the mirror and I see a sparkle in my eye, I like the color and style of my hair, and you know beneath the freckles my pale skin is a beautiful peach ivory. For a fat girl, I have a good figure and my legs are nicely toned and shapely. The thoughts of hating myself, thinking that I am making people suffer by their having to look at me, all disappeared after surgery too. I haven’t figured out why but I am so happy!
11. Losing weight! This is a bonus for me. I had decided that I would be happy with my weight (I weigh 257 pounds now) and just concentrate on being healthy. Since the surgery I have been able to be much more active (swimming 5-6 times a week with my kids) so things are really working for me. Like a lot of women I was very concerned about being on HRT for weight gain issues as I am already so obese. Happily though, like in #10 my obesity is no longer an embarrassment for me and as long as I do my best to be active and healthy now anyone who thinks its their right to have an issue with my weight can also bite me!

The most important thing I have learned since surgery for me is to keep my HRT on a steady keel! I am on .1 mg/daily patch twice a week. I change late evening on Wednesday and early Sunday morning. If I change them at different times (either too early or too late), my moods get wonky again within hours. I have a reminder set up on my calendar that my Husband gets notices on so we can make sure that it is always taken care of. It has taken me this long to identify just how I need to use my HRT.

My fatigue levels are high right now still. However I have a couple other issues that could be contributing to that so I can’t just blame it on being in Menopause at the moment. I won’t be able to take testosterone HRT as with my PCOS my adrenals still over produce androgens (testosterone too!) Next week I start iron infusions for my anemia and I have been taking B12 injections for the last month on a weekly basis. I am hoping this will help with the fatigue.

I would have to say that my life is better now than it has ever been. I’m not sure if it can get any better but I will keep trying new things and seeing what I am capable of! I know I have had a smooth ride throughout all this, maybe because I had such a horrible time these last few years, I don’t know, but I am extremely greatful that I had my operation.