Suicide Prevention

If I am suicidal, actively suicidal, I have gone past the point of reaching out however suicide preventions puts the onus of prevention on the suicidal person.

Call this number, text this line, go to the hospital, tell a friend.

That is not suicide prevention folks. I did all that and still attempted suicide. I did everything the world told me. It wasn’t what I needed in those moments. Those tools are for when you are in the throes of suicidal ideation or passively suicidal. Not for when you are so far gone. So yes they have their place but lets not kid ourselves, they are not preventing any suicidal person from dying.

I have issues with the whole suicide prevention/awareness stick. If you aren’t aware of people dying by suicide then it is because you have blinders on. Yes, there are some tell tale signs that a person is actively suicidal, in some cases, but again it has gone too far at that point. That person is already dying.

When some one dies by suicide we see alot of:

“Why didn’t they just come to me!”

“I was there for them, they seemed okay!”

“How could they do this to me!”


“I had no idea.”

Let me be clear, in most cases, you won’t have any idea when a person is actively suicidal because of guilt, shame, fear, pain, and an abundance of other emotions and thoughts going on in their head.

Suicide preventions needs to start at the most basic level of seeing the people around for all that they are. Their struggles is what is leading them to a path down to suicide. If their struggles and burdens are shared, listened to, and others seek to bolster and relieve a person long before plans of suicide begin then yes, in many cases it can be prevented.

That means though we as a society have to care more about how we treat each other. We as human beings have to do more than tear each other apart and distance ourselves due to our differences.

Suicide prevention needs to happen before a persons soul has died and all that is left is a husk in pain, bleeding out, and struggling for each breath.

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