A year since TMS

Just a short update from my TMS. When I wrapped up my TMS experience last year, it was good. I did feel better. Not 100% and I wouldn’t even say 90% but we were also buying a house and moving which for anyone is rather extreme on the emotions, stress, and anxiety. Shortly after the move I did fall apart. I burned myself out. So while I think that TMS did have some benefits, they are short lived for those like me. I have brain damage, much of my anxiety comes from my cognitive impairments and just who I am. And my insurance would not cover maintenance treatments, which may have helped me, but alas, I had to do without and have struggled since. It did not make things worse though. Which is huge really. Others experience with TMS may have longer lasting benefits, its going to be hit or miss, but I can say that on the days I had treatment and for a period after my anxiety was better, my headaches were better, and I felt overall more capable.

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