2 Years Post Menstrual Psychosis

April 26, 2016 I had my first Lupron injection to stop my menstrual cycles and chemically castrate me. April 26, 2016 was the beginning of my life again. I cannot tell you just how my life has changed since then. It is night and day. Life is not all peaches and cream, of course not, it’s still life. I still struggle with mental health, I still get triggered, my hormones still fluctuate. However, for the first time since 2011 I have control over my life. Since then I have learned so much about menstrual related syndromes such as PMDD and menstrual psychosis. I have learned just how much hormones truly impact our bodies, minds, and emotions. I have learned that Reproductive Rights are so much more than abortion. I have learned that as a society those struggling with MRS (menstrual related syndromes) are belittled, ignored, and invalidated. And the shame that this so much worse for my AFAB colleagues. I don’t know how to be the activist that we need. I am not giving up. Even if every one brands me as someone to ignore, I will work till my last breath to keep bringing my message to everyone. I will force it down medical professionals throats, down insurance companies, down government agencies. I will, because I can. Because I have a voice and I refuse to be ignored or stand down. This is a warm and you can rest assured that I am the soldier you want fighting in the front lines. I will not go quietly into the night until I know that we are finally being listened to, our concerns validated, and our rights established.

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