Freedom to choose

I am now nearly 3 weeks post op for a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy. The recovery process has been slow, which is fine, and willing to continue to take it slow.

I am very happy to report that my HRT (hormone replacement therapy), which is estradiol .1mg/day patch twice a week, is keeping all symptoms of menopause at bay. No side effects either mental, emotional, or physical. Because I am so young I know that I will be on HRT for quite some time and it will take some work to ensure that my levels are optimal through the rest of my life. I will happily add testosterone into my regime once my levels are stable and if I feel like it will help keep my energy levels up. I want to be active now, so I need to ensure that my hormones are able to keep up with me. I never want to go back to the way I was before.

I cannot express how thankful I am for this chance at life again. For finding a doctor that would listen compassionately to me, listen to my story, and agree to try experimenting with me. I never felt comfortable with my previous diagnosis of Bipolar. It never sat well with me, because it did not fit me. I have been in many support groups, hospital programs, and groups and I just did not fit in. I want to champion mental health issues, there is way too much stigma attached to them, however I want to ensure that the root cause identified and treated correctly. I do not want to minimize a bipolar diagnosis. Seeing as my symptoms were classified as such being bipolar would be terrible and a fight I cannot honestly answer if I would have been able to hold out against for the rest of my life.
I also want the medical community to stop shaming women for asking for such treatments as I underwent and hormone replacement therapy. Doctors are so worried about law suits and side effects of hormone replacement therapy they are willing to place women on multiple anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medications that can easily cause just as dangerous side effects as HRT.
Medical professionals use menopause to scare women away from the same treatment that cured me and allowed me to live. Menopause affects every woman who has normal reproductive system. They hold it out there like it is worse than the PMDD that we are suffering from and will kill us. This is simply not true. No menopause is not a cake walk and for some women it can surely be hell for a while, but there is much more support for women who are under going menopause, many more treatment options, and it (in majority of cases) has a finite end. However, women with PMDD often find that during perimenopause that their symptoms will get much worse and perimenopause can last years and even decades. I, myself, was terrified of facing perimenopause and PMDD. The two combined would surely have done me in, especially should they have held HRT out of my grasp.


In demanding that women not have hysterectomies or refusing to provide the appropriate HRT after a surgery is essentially telling women that they would rather that a woman suffer for longer and in most cases much more severely than taking a slight chance later in that woman’s life. I did not make the decision to be on HRT lightly, but I also understand that the studies currently used in regards to hormone replacement therapy are not appropriate for all populations of women, in fact they are very limited, and thus their basis often doesn’t apply to the vast majority of women. It is a scare tactic. The doctors and insurance companies are choosing for us how we should live our lives and what we should be willing to suffer through. This is as much a reproductive right as abortion is. It is my body. It is me that is suffering. It is me that would have killed myself had I not gotten proper treatment.

If estrogen HRT kills me later on down the line (which I highly doubt), at least I got to live the life I chose, not the one that some doctor chose for me. This is about freedom to pursue your happiness, your health, and your rights as a woman.

3 thoughts on “Freedom to choose

  1. Hello Laura, I am a social worker from Spain researching about PMDD. I have a Master in Social Intervention and I published two papers for universitary Spanish journals about social aspects of PMDD. I found your blog interesting for my research and I would like to ask you for your recovery. I know other women got a recovery (As I was able to read in I blame the hormones) but majors evidences are found it will be better for a researcher as I am.

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